What is Computerized Maintenance Management System?

Feeling drowsy in encoding, filling and tracking your information manually?  Do you feel shattered calculating the fees of engine failure? No time for preventive maintenance and machine inspection? Does this question all come out to your psyche? Your answer most likely is “Yes “.

Collecting data by hand is really hard.  You have to check your equipment serial number, model, history or any technical issues from time to time to avoid dilemma. Yes, it is truly time consuming and need a lot of hard work and manpower to carry out those possessions. Using manual method in managing your folder and mechanism requires a lot of groundwork.  Manual maintenance method is paper base. For example, each gear has a history card. If one of the machines botched you have to check all those cards to check the last maintenance date and breakdown history. It will be more complicated if the last update was occurred years ago.

Now, the good thing is you can handle your exertion and have a better insight in your process using a so called CMMS. So, What is Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)? CMMS helps everyone to be more well-organized. It is software that can grip all the data, errors and device history.  It is preventive preservation software. Preventive maintenance systems that can help you reduce cost, track the abnormalities and manage work orders to prevent breakdowns. CMMS is computer base. An illustration of this software is GoCMMS. GoCMMS is web based management system that can handle work order, inventory, assets, preventive maintenance, scheduling, helpdesk and a facebook like community.

Using CMMS, you can boost your asset accountability, save time, less labour, and can easily build effectual preservation. You can also have the account that is completely exportable to excel, word document and pdf. Fewer paper works, less time consuming.

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