What does it take to have an Effective Maintenance Plan?

The essence of a company’s maintenance department is not only to keep the equipment well and good in terms of its operating condition but also to cut the cost of the company’s unexpected repair of equipment.

To do this, maintenance manager should create an effective maintenance management plan that will support the company’s needs. But what does it take to have an effective maintenance plan?

  1. As a maintenance manager you must impose leadership and proper policy deployment to your team. It is your responsibility to have the proper policies imposed to your personnel and the leadership so that they know who and what to follow.
  2. An effective maintenance plan must have the right know how’s of the inventory.
  3. Predictive and preventive maintenance. For every maintenance plan, it is important that all preventive and predictive maintenance plans are carried out well throughout the team and the department. Preventive maintenance is that time based or meter based plan set by the department. Predictive is when maintenance are carried out as detected by monitoring gadgets such as analysis and electrical surge comparison so as to avoid malfunctioning of the equipment at an early detected stage.
  4. Planning and scheduling must be created in a SMART way, be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time bound. This is to ensure that the plan will satisfy the outcome.
  5. Continuous improvement. Maintenance plan will not always be the same as it is today so every plan must cope up to the continuous changes to improve the carried out maintenance.

Overtime, maintenance management has been keeping up to the evolving technology and since it can make effective maintenance even more efficient, digital ways of doing maintenance management has been utilized in so many businesses.

One of which is using a computerized maintenance management in overseeing and implementing maintenance to company’s assets. CMMS is the computer age’s answer to maintenance needs of companies around the globe. Free cmms software is used to support the needs of businesses in terms of maintenance. The software caters to the scheduling, planning and deployment of staff to do the maintenance work.

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