Choosing Cloud-based CMMS for your Preventive Maintenance

First up, let us each define terms.

So what is CMMS?

CMMS or what popularly known as a maintenance management system is abbreviated to mean Computerized Maintenance Management System. What it does is, it makes planning and implementing preventive maintenance in a company through a web based software.  The countless benefits of free cmms software have been seen in various companies implementing this kind of system. To give you an idea how it works, if example, you set a schedule preventive maintenance for your company asset, the cmms will help you manage the scheduling of which and assigning it to the proper maintenance personnel then doing the reporting through the system.

What does it mean when we say Cloud based?

Cloud based, web based or cloud computing are just various terms pertaining to using a system or application that can be accessed through “cloud” or through the internet. What advantages can it cause when we talk about using a cloud based system? Simply put, the access can be done anywhere at any time provided you are on the internet.

How does cloud based CMMS fair among other cmms running as on-premise maintenance software?

Being a cloud-based software that runs on the internet, cloud based CMMS is fully accessible to all your maintenance management staff. No need for you to install any hardware or software of sorts that will entail you worry understanding hard core IT technicalities.

To give you a rundown of the pros of a cloud based cmms software, I have listed down the advantages you will foresee when you incorporate it to your business.

  1. Low initial cost and maintenance cost of running the system.
  2. It is widely available provided you have access to the internet. Have it anytime, anywhere! Plus, it can even be accessed using your mobile phone.
  3. Faster setup. If you need it at the very moment, you can have the system setup easily.
  4. An important addition, database security is granted by your software provider.

To top it all up, who don’t want to be on cloud? It is like being on top of others! Be on top of other businesses in terms of maintenance management.  Have cloud based cmms software implemented in your company today.

If you are a business trying to look for the best suited cmms software for your company, have GoCMMS. We cater to your preventive maintenance needs and more! Visit our website or follow our official Facebook and Twitter page.

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